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Using the Font Awesome Pro Subsetter

Speed up your site by creating a super-lean, super-fast version of Font Awesome! Choose just the icons you need then serve them up as a subset on your site or app to make it faster than ever.

Set Up

To get the Subsetter, grab the Font Awesome Pro Subsetter from the Download page and install it on your Mac or Windows machine. Open up the app and sign in to your Font Awesome account. You’re all set to subset!

Pick Icons to Include in Your Subset

When you open the Subsetter, it lists all the available icons by style. You can search the icons by name, filter by style, or scroll to browse. Once you find an icon you want, click to add it to your subset. Change your mind? Click the icon again to remove it, or you can click to remove it in the subset sidebar.

A cloud icon is selected to be included in the subset.

Be sure to save your project! The project YAML file (which is human-readable and editable!) stores all the icons you have selected so you can load it back up to add, edit, and rebuild the subset in the future.

Build Your Subset

Once you have the set of icons you want included in your subset, hit the big ole “Build Subset” button on the bottom right. The Subsetter will connect to the Font Awesome API to build and package up all the icons and other files you’ll need to use your subset. After a few seconds, you will be prompted to name the subset and select where to save the Zip file of packaged assets.

Once the icons are selected, the subset is ready to build and save.

Use the Subset on a Site or App

Now that you’ve built and downloaded your subset, it’s just like a mini-version of Font Awesome! You can follow the directions on how to host Font Awesome yourself.