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Continuous Integration

CI environments can pull a lot of bandwidth. So, how can you follow best practices with your chosen suite of tests without hitting the ceiling of your monthly npm bandwidth limits? With caching! Read on, and we’ll show you how.

We’ve gathered caching how-to’s for some of the most popular CI options on the market today to make it easy and performant to use Font Awesome in your projects.

The Problem

Every time you push code and your test suite runs, it will pull your packages for each test run. If you’re anything like us, you push a lot of commits. The problem is all those commits add up quickly, which means you’ll be hitting your npm bandwidth limit before you know it. You need a caching strategy. Here’s what to do.

The Solution

Set up your packages to be cached in your chosen CI solution. Once you set up caching, it will only pull packages when something in the package (like a version) changes. This cuts down on bandwidth usage significantly and may also speed up run times on your test suite.

Below are links to the docs for some of the most popular CI solutions on the market today: