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Font Awesome Tokens let you securely use Font Awesome in third-party apps and environments, whether that’s WordPress, Figma, a CLI, or a plugin.


Tokens are a programmatic way to let third-party apps and tools securely access your Font Awesome account so you can safely use Pro icons, Kit Custom Icons, access your account data, and more.

We provide two types of tokens for different needs:

  • Package manager token which lets you install Font Awesome Pro icons with npm, yarn, or pip
  • API token which lets you access Font Awesome icons, your Kit data, account information in other apps

You’ll find your tokens in your Font Awesome Account under the Tokens section.

Using Tokens

Tokens are handy because they let you provide and control access to your Font Awesome account and privileges without sharing your account email and password.

Some of the benefits of a token provide are:

  • Access Free or Pro icons and metadata
  • Access your Kits data, including custom icons
  • Ability to refresh/replace a token if the one you’re using gets compromised

You can control which things a token is allowed to access and you can remove access at any time.

Package Manager Tokens

If you are using a package manager, you can use your package manager token to provide access to your Font Awesome Pro account assets and have them installed in your project as a package.

Learn more about using tokens with a Package Manager

API Tokens

You can use API Tokens to provide access to your Font Awesome account in apps like WordPress, Figma, or other apps and plugins. API Tokens let you set what the token is permitted to access.

Here are the available token options:


Allow Read Kits Data - This lets the Font Awesome WordPress Plugin load icons using one of your Kits, which you select from inside the plugin.

Learn more about using tokens with the WordPress Plugin


Allow Read Kits Data and either Free icons and metadata or Pro icons and metadata - These let the Figma plugin to get the icon SVGs and load any custom icons you have in your Kits.

Learn more about using tokens with the Figma Plugin


Other plugins or apps where you want to use Font Awesome may allow you to add a token to access your Pro icons and features. Check with the plugin or app developer to find out which scopes are needed.

Learn more about using custom tokens