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Duotone Icons on the Desktop

Our Duotone icons, while extra stylish, need a little extra handling when working on the Desktop.

Our Duotone and Sharp Duotone families provide an alternate version of our Classic and Sharp icons, but with two distinct shades of color. They’re great for adding brand colors or a more illustrative quality to the icons in your project.

Considerations Before You Get Started

Duotone icons need some special attention when added into your desktop designs, so look over the options and decide which is right for you.

MethodAdd asThe GoodThe Ugly
Add as SVGsImage fileFull control over color, styling, opacity for the entire icon as a unit or the layers individually.Have to manually manage the icons in your design files.
Add Using LigaturesText boxEasiest way to add duotone icons - Just set the font to Font Awesome 6 Duotone or Font Awesome 6 Sharp Duotone and type the icon name. Lets you to change the font family to switch to a different style.Can’t adjust the color or opacity without first converting the icon to outlines.
Add Using GlyphsText boxStraightforward copy and paste of the primary or secondary glyphs from the icon details into a text box.Need to align the two text boxes to combine the layers of the full icon.