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Combine two icons create one single-color shape, thanks to the power of SVG+JS! Use it with Power Transforms for some really awesome effects.

Masks are great when you do want your background color to show through. For clarity in the example, we’ve added a background color on the icon so you can see the effect.


<div class="fa-4x">
<i class="fa-solid fa-pencil-alt" data-fa-transform="shrink-10 up-.5" data-fa-mask="fa-solid fa-comment" style="background:MistyRose"></i>
<i class="fa-brands fa-facebook-f" data-fa-transform="shrink-3.5 down-1.6 right-1.25" data-fa-mask="fa-solid fa-circle" style="background:MistyRose"></i>
<i class="fa-solid fa-headphones" data-fa-transform="shrink-6" data-fa-mask="fa-solid fa-square" style="background:MistyRose"></i>
<i class="fa-solid fa-mask" data-fa-transform="shrink-3 up-1" data-fa-mask="fa-solid fa-circle" style="background:MistyRose"></i>

To accomplish the masking some SVG definitions are generated. You can control the ID’s used by specifying data-fa-mask-id. (Available in 5.12.2 or later.)


<div class="fa-4x">
<i class="fa-solid fa-pen-alt" data-fa-transform="shrink-10 up-.5" data-fa-mask="fa-solid fa-comment" data-fa-mask-id="comment" style="background:MistyRose"></i>
Masking componentsHow it works
Inner Icon (cut out)Set using typical class attribute. Transform using any data-fa-transform properties.
Outer IconSet using data-fa-mask attribute on the Inner Icon.
ID used in defsSet using data-fa-mask-id (Available in 5.12.2 or later)