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Font Awesome APIs

Between our Javascript API and our GraphQL API, we’re ready to answer all your requests.

Font Awesome Javascript API

The Font Awesome JavaScript API pairs well with JavaScript-based projects and enables advanced rendering icons and more control over some features using our SVG+JS method of rendering icons. Using this API is an advanced feature and requires that you know how to tread water in the deep end of the pool and are familiar with JavaScript and using APIs.

The Javascript API is great for:

  • Subsetting icons with some Tree Shaking
  • Adding a counter to the layers of your icon
  • Adding text to the layers of your icon

Font Awesome GraphQL API

Our GraphQL API is the best way to programmatically pull information about Font Awesome icons and releases. Want to build a killer Font Awesome plugin for your application? This is the place to get icon metadata and all the other nifty bits you need. You can get your account information after authenticating with your API key. We want to empower your creativity with this API so check it out and have fun building!

The GraphQL API is good for:

  • Building a Font Awesome icon selector
  • Retrieving metadata for an icon
  • Searching for your favorite icon programmatically
  • Programmatically pulling data about your account

Font Awesome Conflict Detection API

The Conflict Detection API is for developers working with Font Awesome in environments where other versions of Font Awesome may be loading and causing conflicts.

The Conflict Detection API is good for:

  • Debugging environments where multiple versions of Font Awesome may be loading
  • Identifying and reducing conflicting Font Awesome versions