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Upgrading to Version 6

We’ve worked hard to make upgrading to Version 6 on the desktop as smooth and easy as possible.

We’ll cover the basics of how to upgrade to Font Awesome 6 and how to troubleshoot common challenges.

Upgrading on the desktop is the same as adding a new font, so you can follow the usual set-up steps.

  1. Close any desktop programs that may be using Font Awesome 5 fonts.
  2. Add the Font Awesome 6 OTF font files to your system font manager.
  3. Activate the fonts.

Viola! Now you will see “Font Awesome 6” as one of the options in your font selection menus.

If you’re having trouble getting the new fonts to load, they might be cached in your application. Here are a couple of articles that might help:

Switching Existing Files Over to Font Awesome 6

For any text area set to use the Font Awesome 5 font faces, you can now select one of the Font Awesome 6 font faces for the latest icons. If you check the font-weight menu, you’ll see it now has the new Thin style in addition to Solid, Regular, and Light.

Some programs allow you to multi-select text areas to swap them all out between different font faces easily if you want to upgrade a particular file or design to go from Font Awesome 5 to Font Awesome 6.

For Figma, if you select a text item using a Font Awesome 5 font face (Free, Pro, or Brands), you can use the “Select All with the Same Font” action under the Edit menu.

For Sketch, you’ll need a plugin like Fontily.

For Illustrator, you can use the “Find Font” action under the Type menu.

You’re all set!

Your Desktop projects and applications will now render Version 6 icons! Are you running into trouble? Check out our troubleshooting guide for answers to common questions about using Font Awesome on the Web.

You might want to go check out the big pile of new icons we’ve added in Version 6, including the new Sharp Family and Thin Style, or check out all of Version 6’s new styling options.