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We’ve worked hard to make the transition to Version 6 smooth and painless but there are a couple things to keep in mind as you jump into the latest and greatest Font Awesome.

We’ll cover how to upgrade, whether you use a Kit or CDN. All the instructions here assume you’re using the official Font Awesome WordPress plugin.

Upgrade from Version 5 When Using a Kit

If you’re using a Kit, all you need to do is change your kit’s version setting to Version 6. Then refresh your kit information in your WordPress plugin settings. Your version 6 kit will handle any backwards compatibility automatically. Lastly, go grab yourself a coffee with all that time you just saved.

You can either create a new Kit or upgrade an existing one. Heads up though - If you use Version 6 icons and tools, you won’t be able to successfully switch back to Version 5 without removing those from your project.

If you need to switch between Web Font and SVG+JS technologies we recommend creating a different kit to switch between technologies because we’ve seen some delay in getting updates when using the same kit due to caching.

Upgrade from Version 5 When Using the CDN

If you’d like to switch to a kit, complete these steps:

  • Head to your kits and create a new Kit and set the version to 6.
  • In your Font Awesome account settings, generate an API key. If you already have one you can use the existing key.
  • In your WordPress plugin settings switch from using the CDN to a Kit.
  • Use your Font Awesome API key in the plugin settings to pull in your Kit information.
  • When your kit information comes up, select the Version 6 kit you created and save your settings.

Now all your icons are upgraded and you have access to all the new features of Version 6 and Font Awesome Kits including all new icons, custom icon uploads, and automatic subsetting.

You're All Set!

Your project will now load Version 6 and render any existing icons using our newest and freshest icons and options. Are you running into trouble? Check out our troubleshooting guide for answers to common questions about using Font Awesome on the Web.

You might want to go check out the big pile of new icons we've added in Version 6, including the new Sharp Family and Thin Style, or check out all of Version 6's new styling options.