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Use Font Awesome on the Web

Get set up, add icons and style, or fine-tune - we’ve got what you need to know to use Font Awesome icons on the web.

Setting Up on the Web

There are a few different ways to set up Font Awesome. We suggest using a kit since it’s easy, fast, and customizable.

Add Font Awesome Icons to Your Project

Add Some Mix-n-Match Styling

There are a variety of styling options you can use with your Font Awesome icons on the web. Use one or combine them like Voltron.

See All the Styling Options

Use Font Awesome with Your Preferred Syntax or Stack…

And more! Font Awesome works with Require.js, Rails with Turbolink, and jQuery!

Dig Deeper

Get to Know Font Awesome

Own trivia night by getting to know all the nitty-gritty about Font Awesome.

Tips and Tricks for Extra Awesome

Got the basics down and hungry for more? We’ve got advanced topics for you super nerds.

Using Font Awesome

When and how can you use Font Awesome? These docs might help.