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Families + Styles

There are four families of Font Awesome icons each with a unique look - Classic, Duotone, Sharp, and Sharp Duotone as well as a Brands style. In both Font Awesome Sharp and Classic, there are four styles of icons to choose from. Duotone and Sharp Duotone have one style (solid) with more coming soon.

Classic Family

Font Awesome Classic is our original look and feel with a set of styles that are always in fashion and ready to bring that extra level of iconic flair to projects.

Classic StylesAvailabilityStyle classRequired Version
Classic SolidFree Planfa-solidv6.0.0
Classic RegularPro onlyfa-regularv6.0.0
Classic LightPro onlyfa-lightv6.0.0
Classic ThinPro onlyfa-thinv6.0.0

Duotone Family

The Font Awesome Duotone family brings the two-toned illustrated look to our Classic family.

Duotone StylesAvailabilityStyle classRequired Version
Duotone SolidPro onlyfa-duotonev6.0.0

Sharp Family

The Font Awesome Sharp family cuts into the scene with a clean, modern look that pairs nicely with sharp typefaces and can dress up for more professional occasions and projects.

Sharp StylesAvailabilityStyle classRequired Version
Sharp SolidPro onlyfa-sharp fa-solidv6.2.0
Sharp RegularPro onlyfa-sharp fa-regularv6.3.0
Sharp LightPro onlyfa-sharp fa-lightv6.4.0
Sharp ThinPro onlyfa-sharp fa-thinv6.5.0

Sharp Duotone Family

The Font Awesome Sharp Duotone family is a double deep cut that combiness the clean lines of the Sharp family with the duo of colors of the Duotone family for a clean illustrated look.

Sharp Duotone StylesAvailabilityStyle classRequired Version
Sharp Duotone SolidPro onlyfa-sharp-duotonev6.6.0


Font Awesome Brands is the easiest way to get social media and online services logos added to your site.

Brands StyleAvailabilityStyle classRequired Version
BrandsFree Planfa-brandsv6.0.0